One of the two major wings of I-dentitee LLP is that of providing various forms of training. The following are some of the common areas of training as provided by the firm.

Life Skills Training

These set of skills are related to some of the basic skills one requires to go through life and function effectively and positively. These set of skills and the modules change  as per the age and requirements of the clients and include both personal and professional skills.

Soft-Skills Training

This type of training deals mainly with developing social and professional skills which are required by students and working professionals alike in various sectors and fields. These skills can help clients develop a better sense of social etiquette and standing and enable them to communicate most effectively in most situations.

Psychological Skills Training

These skills are those which enable clients to start thinking in a positive way and those which help improve on their sense of ‘Self’ in various aspects. They also equip the clients to deal effectively with negative aspects of their lives and develop better attitudes and become motivated in general.

Education Skills

These include Study skills for students at various levels even until the university level, Parenting Skills and Teacher-related skills. This kind of training is primarily given to help the various stakeholders in the field of education to become the best they can ultimately be in the various aspects of the education sector.

Research-based Skills

These skills are targeted at potential researchers who are looking to develop several skills which are deemed to be essential to conduct research- especially in the field of Social Sciences and Management. The skills range from designing the research to analysing the results using qualitative and quantitative means.